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5 Important Points ToCheck While Getting Your Boat Transported To You From The Overseas

There is a range of reasons for people to look for a transport company to fulfill their shipping requirements. Whatever your reason may be and the number of vessels you have, you always have a transportation solution around you. You just have to pick the correct option for you.

Several people are daunted by this task, because they don’t have a very good experience with the shipping company they chose. And that was because they don’t know how to choose the ideal one like Dazmac.

By just following a few rules, you can find a perfect company that will bring your vessel from the overseas safely to you in Australia. Here are some of them.

1. Check the Speed

Fast delivery is one of the most important factors you should check when your vessel delivery is concerned. Many companies fail to deliver the package in time. Therefore you should carefully check the speed of delivery.

If there is someone among people you know that has used a good service, always choose it. Your vessel should reach you within a few days and not weeks.

2. Door to Door Shipping

This type of shipping will provide you some peace of mind on one hand and on the other hand will also guarantee you about the pride of the company taking care of the transportation.

Authentic companies in this business always offer door to door service. This service can eliminate your trouble to a great level. Their personal representative will be responsible for your boat’s pick-up and delivery.

They also make sure that the vessel is delivered to you in exactly the same condition as they pick it up.

3. Make Sure They have a Good Tracking System

A good tracking system is a must for a company that will transport your vessel. Most of these companies provide you a tracking number. With this number, you can check the status of the transportation process.

Such a tracking number is also a token of the company’s confidence that they will deliver your boat on time.

4. Make Sure they Offer Enclosed Vehicle Transport

You have spent a fortune to buy your boat. Any damage to your precious purchase during transportation may be a hard blow to you. During the transportation, the boat can be exposed to dust, dirt and other hazards.

Therefore it’s best to choose an enclosed transportation vehicle. This option may cost you a little more; however, you have the peace of mind that your boat would be absolutely safe from any type of natural hazards.

5. Shipping Charges Should Include Insurance

If you find a company that includes the cost of insurance within the charges of transportation, you should consider it the best. You need not worry about any sort of extra charges.

All the drivers are bound under this clause by all the safety instructions that ensure maximum security of your vessel.

Besides all these things, you should also keep yourself safe legally. Therefore, check the following features that the trucks should have:

  • The height of the truck must not exceed 14 feet
  • The width of the truck should be less than 8.5 feet
  • The length of single unit must be within 40 feet and the length depends on the road in case of multiple units.
  • The overall weight should strictly be below 80,000 pounds

Follow these instructions to make sure you will never face a problem during the vessel shipping and transportation.

Transportation of a boat should not be stressful if you follow these easy tips and do a little research before picking the right company. Visit to see how your vessel is in safe hands with Dazmac Logistics. Choose such a company and become stress-free.