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Going Crazy over Sports and Games

Most people already have some kind of a sport to play, from the popular basketball to the sport of running. Whatever the game, everyone is crazy over sports one way or another, whether as a spectator or as a player. Even though people are nuts over sports, only a few know how it came about and its history. Here is some helpful information about sports which we all love.

How Did Sports Start?

Some evidence point out that the activity of sports first started with the Chinese as far back as 4000 BC. Some of the sports at that early time were gymnastics. There were also evidences that the Pharaohs were also big fans of fishing, javelin throwing and swimming. If you think wrestling is the product of this century, it actually started with the Egyptians. There were also ancient sports of the Persians including the traditional Iranian martial art called Zourkhaneh, which can be compared to their warfare skills. Other sports that came from Persia are jousting and the very elegant sport of polo.

What Is A Sport?

Sport is any activity that has a set of rules or instructions that one must follow to be able to play the sport or game. This could be for a group of players or even, at the least, two players. There are sports that are under the physical sports such as baseball and tennis. Some sports are under the category of mind sports which primarily uses the brain to win just like in chess. While there is also the motor sports which uses a third party or equipment to play the game such as rafting or racing.

Any kind of sport usually has two parties that must compete with each other to attain a goal. Therefore, there is always a loser and a winner in each game. Whatever the game may be, there is some kind of competition happening, whether it’s an opposition of physical strength, mental ability or even just plain strategy. Whoever is better than the other, whether he is smarter, faster or stronger, he or the whole team will be hailed the winner of the sport.

Is This How The Olympic Games Started?

A number of sports had already originated in Ancient Greece, and these sports from different places in Greece influenced one another. Because sports became a part of their culture and society, they created what we now know as the Olympic Games. This Olympic Games were held every four years in ancient time, which took place in a small village called Olympia in Peloponnesus.

The Present World Of Sports

Due to industrialization, sports have now become a source of leisure and pressure. One does not need to compete just to be able to play a sport. Also, this has led for more people to be spectators of the sport, more participation from the people and even easier accessibility for everyone.

Whatever sport you play or even if you are just a spectator, we can all be thankful that sports is in our society now.

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