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How To Consume Anavar To Prevent Its Side Effects

Anavar is one of the most effective fat loss and bodybuilding steroid available on the market. It is the mildest steroid as compared to all other popularly consumed steroid worldwide. This makes it very useful for women. Indiscipline use of Anavar can lead to side effects in the body.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is one of the most effective performance enhancement and weight reduction steroids available on the market. It is a form of synthetic steroid or anabolic steroids that are known to be highly beneficial for weightlifters and sportsman. Anavar is advised for people who wish to achieve following benefits in the body:

  • Lean muscle
  • Muscular and toned physique
  • Loss of fat
  • Strength gain in women
  • Enhanced stamina
  • High performance

How Anavar works in the body?

Anavar helps in lowering the rate of cellular destruction, also called as catabolism in the body. It also promotes Anabolism by which it encourages the development of tissues in the body. Anavar is a wonder supplement that increases phosphocreatine levels in the body. This helps in increasing secretion of ATP in the body. It results in increased energy that gives power to your workouts and enables one to lose fat for developing hard and well-defined physique. Click here to continue reading.

What are the common side effects of Anavar?

Improper consumption of Anavar leads to certain temporary side effects on the person. These side effects are mild in nature and last for only a few days.  Some of the discomforts on the body include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High levels of cholesterol that can lead to higher risk for stroke and heart ailment
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver damage
  • Heart fail
  • Adverse reaction to the mental and emotional state of the body. A person shows negative behavior like violent behaviors and anger outbursts
  • Serious skin issues that lead to development of eczema, skin irritation, rashes, redness and inflammation
  • More than permissible amounts, when taken for long duration, can also cause hair loss in those who are genetically susceptible to it
  • Interference with the normal functioning of important organs in the body
  • Lower sperm count
  • Swelling in the body
  • Women who overuse Anavar can see weight gain and development of male characteristics in their body.


Before consuming Anavar, it is important to get all information about its consumption. For safe results always consume Anavar under the supervision of the physician. This will help in saving in getting best results devoid of its side effects.