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How to Get Bharti AXA General Insurance Online

A few years ago, you had to wait in long queues to pay your insurance premium, and you had to call multiple insurance companies to inquire about the insurance policies offered by them. You would then most likely opt for the insurance with the lowest premium. These days, thanks to the advent of technology, you can compare, purchase, and renew your insurance online. One such insurance is the Bharti AXA General Insurance. This insurance can be renewed on their official Bharti AXA website and other popular websites such as

There are a ton of benefits of getting your insurance online. These are:

  • Middleman – When you purchase the insurance online, you don’t have to pay brokerage fees.
  • Paperwork – There is a lot less paperwork involved when you complete all the procedures online.
  • Comparison – You can compare different policies by different insurance companies and make an informed decision about the best insurance policy for you.
  • Reviews – Feedback from customers who have already purchased the policy can help you choose better.

Advantages of Getting a Bharti AXA General Insurance Policy

Bharti AXA began its operations in India back in August 2008. It is a joint venture between AXA and Bharti. AXA is a world leader in insurance policies and is present in over 57 countries whereas Bharti is a reputed Indian business group with robust distribution capabilities.

There are different types of Bharti AXA General Insurance policies such as car, two-wheeler, travel, health, critical illness, and personal accident. They have a high claim-settlement ratio across all their insurance policies. The advantages of the most popular insurance policies are:

a) Health Insurance

  • Cashless transactions at over 5000 network hospitals in the country
  • No co-pay
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Most health plans have an option of unlimited room rent
  • Medical expenses for day-care treatment included
  • Significant maternity benefits with select plans
  • AYUSH treatment expenses covered

b) Car Insurance

  • Cashless transactions at over 2500 network garages across the country
  • Quick settlement procedures
  • Customized add-on covers to complete your requirements
  • Personal accident cover for the owner included
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 79 branches across India
  • No-claim bonus
  • Key replacement charges are included in the comprehensive insurance policy
  • Towing charges in case of an accident is covered in comprehensive insurance policy

c) Personal Accident Insurance

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Over 101 branches spread across the country
  • Financial compensation in case of death of rider or pillion
  • Daily medical expenses up to 50 days is covered in the insurance
  • Over 5000 network hospitals with cashless transactions
  • High claim-settlement ratio of 98.27%
  • Grace period of 30 days to renew the policy once it expires
  • Increase in the capital sum insured for a claim-free year.

d) Travel Insurance

  • Daily hospital allowance for medical treatments
  • Cost of obtaining duplicate a passport and other documents are covered in the insurance
  • Additional expenses and compensation in case of flight delays are included
  • Bail amount provided in case the insured person is detained by the police
  • Emergency accommodation expenses in case of a natural disaster
  • Travel costs for an immediate family member to meet the insured person if the hospitalization exceeds a week
  • Expenses incurred due to overbooking of an airplane is covered

Other Benefits of Buying a General Insurance

You cannot predict when an unfortunate incident might occur. Your car could be damaged, one of your family members could experience a medical emergency, or you could require medical assistance on a trip. Under all these circumstances, it would be a great relief if the expenses were handled by a professional and if you didn’t have to spend your savings to foot the bill. This is exactly what you receive when you opt for a Bharti AXA General Insurance in India. They cover almost all of the expenses incurred in case of a mishap and provide a quick settlement process.

The presence of financial protection from a reputed firm can boost your confidence while driving and you can confidently plan your trip to your dream destinations. It will also reduce your burden in case of your emergency as you will be able to provide your family members with the best quality treatment available in the country. You can renew your Bharti AXA General Insurance in 2018 or purchase a new one in a few simple steps on