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How to get the best photos in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city with millions of tourists every year. The Catalan capital is a perfect mix of sea and beaches with mountains; gothic and baroque architecture with modernistic and modern constructions; old cultures and traditions with innovation and future.

But Barcelona also counts with a prolific photography environment, with many original artists and continuous exhibition. World Photo Press exhibition is a clear example of the love for the photography in the Condal city.

That is why if you are a photography lover, you can’t miss the opportunity of enjoying your passion while you are visiting Barcelona. Besides common photos taken by tourists, you can go further and discover new hided corners of the city, take advantage of the multicultural population to get different and original portraits, rent a studio to shoot like a pro… explore the possibilities!

Leave everything in professionals’ hands

If you want professional photos with optimal results, the best way to get it is turning to professionals. This way, photography studios are always a synonym of success.

They provide the best facilities and equipment, so you can perform perfect shoots with exceptional results. Thanks to these kind of services, you just have to be worried about the shoot, and not all the technical requirements surrounding it. This great advantage allows you to focus exclusively in your photos.

Tuset Studio, your photo studio rental in Barcelona is a perfect example of what we talk about here.

Find the best corners

If you like doing things by yourself and you don’t want to rent a photo studio, you can always take your photos on the street.

We know you are not the prototypical tourists taking photos of every single thing you see. You like analyzing every corner, finding the right illumination, the perfect angle… that is why you will have to walk miles and miles to find all the hided jewels Barcelona has. Believe us, there are many of them all around the city!

Get good equipment

Nowadays, smartphones have really good cameras which are able to take great photos. But they are not comparable to the resolution, levels of contrast and image quality provided by a good Canon or Nikon.

Photography equipment is not cheap, but if you love this art, you notice the difference between a good photo and a superb photo. A good photo is something beautiful to see, but an exceptional photo tells you a unique story, it talks to you directly and transmits feeling that can’t be transmitted through words.

In case you don’t have photography equipment, don’t worry! When you rent a photo studio, they provide quality equipment too.

Know yourself

Sometimes you change your position and you are not the one who is taking the photo, but the one who is receiving the shoot. Those times, remember this tip: you are the person who best knows yourself, aren’t you? You perfectly know all your strengths and weaknesses. What colors make you shine? Do your eyes captivate all the attention? Is your hair your best charming weapon?

You know all these answers, so take all this information together and take advantage of it to look great in your photos.