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Industrial Door Hardware

Specialty door hardware is available for use in architectural applications. Specialty door hardware includes things like sliding door hardware kits, standard strap hinges, slide-fold hardware kits, heavy duty sliding door components (Such as hangars/door trolleys, track, and brackets), heavy duty & extra heavy duty cremone bolts, industrial strap hinges, as well as bolts, latches and other components.

Perhaps you’re wondering what’s the different between standard door hardware and specialty door hardware. Specialty door hardware can be used for more niche applications, and are made of heavier gauge of steel, for more durability. In addition, the finish on specialty door hardware is superior, and thicker, when compared to standard hardware coatings. There are also tighter tolerances when compared to standard door hardware. This means specialty door hardware components are long lasting, and can be constructed into a variety of styles, weights, and sizes. No matter what kind of industrial space you’re operating, there is industrial door hardware designed to fit that space.

This hardware can hold a larger weight than standard door hardware, as well as hold larger door sizes, including those 50 feet or wider, and 7 to 24 feet high.

Applications of industrial door hardware include a variety of commercial buildings and spaces, and can include sliding interior and exterior walls. Theaters use specialty door hardware for curtains, acoustic panels, stage sliding doors, as well as light rigging. Schools often use this kind of equipment, to do things like split cafeterias, auditoriums and gyms. Other applications of specialty door hardware includes room dividers, room video walls, product showrooms, and chalkboards.

Sometimes warehouses and factories are reused, requiring specialty door hardware for things like moveable walls and entrances. One example of this is turning a factory into an art museum. Sliding door track can be used to create a moveable gallery.

When you are considering installing this kind of specialized hardware in an industrial space, there are a couple of considerations you need to keep in mind, including the mounting, the support mechanisms for the doors, and the distribution of the weight. Industrial door hardware can be used in unusual architectural contexts, allowing for the more flexible use of a space. Remember, this kind of hardware is created for greater durability and weight capacity than standard door hardware, and can be finished to blend in with whichever space it’s being used in. This creates a more seamless and efficient way to handle door in industrial spaces, all while giving people the functionality that they deserve. If you’re interested in learning more about specialty door hardware for your industrial space, reach out to a vendor to get more information.