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Instances where you may need a birth certificate 

There are many people who still don’t have a birth certificate stored safely in their closet. You may not need it now, but it might be a necessity sometime in the future when you need to comply with some rules. Here are instances when you may need your Virginia birth certificate.  

School registration

Many schools require a birth certificate when enrolling new students. The certificate is a proof of age and nationality for the students. Body size and looks may not clearly show the correct age of the child. A birth certificate confirms the age conclusively.

Getting your driver’s license

You may be required to produce your birth certificate when obtaining your driver’s license as a proof of identity, and in cases where one has not attained the age of 18 years. However, the certificate may be required during the license renewals. Even where it may not be needed, it is good to carry it along should they want to confirm the identity.

Applying for travel documents

The Virginia birth certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining travel documents such as a passport. In addition, you may be required to produce birth certificate if you go for ocean and cruises, as the passport is not required in many of such cases.

 Marriage certificate  

The process of getting your marriage license may require you and the spouse to produce your birth certificates. It acts as a proof of age and nationality. The marriage certificate is a vital document when it comes to many aspects of the family.

Replacing your social security card

If you have lost your social security card and need another one, you may be required y to furnish the IRS with a copy of your birth certificate and the identification card as a proof of identity. The certificate is also needed in the initial application for social security cards.

 Application for citizenship

 The birth certificate acts as documentary evidence of citizenship and relation when applying or proving your citizenship. The United States asks for the birth certificate from the country of origin before processing the citizenship request papers.

 Insurance covers

Most insurance companies require you to provide copies of birth certificates for your dependents before they are covered by the policy. The certificate shows that they are related to you and can partake in the benefits of the insurance cover or receive benefits for such covers as the life cover.

It is important to apply for a birth certificate early enough so that you do not have to rush when you need it urgently. Fortunately, you can access birth certificate services from the comfort of your desk through registered service providers.