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Perhaps Floor Buffer is the first thing about your Home


No one would like to see the gradual decaying of the floor shine. The house owner would always try the level best to retain the natural glow of the floors. In the course of time, the dust would gradually lower the brightness of the floors. Here the normal mopping is not enough. You have to call the artisan after some time to bring back the shine of your floor. Here the best floor buffer for home use can only serve your purpose and save money.

Buying Consideration

There are certain factors that you should always keep in mind while getting the best floor buffers. If you require heavy duty cleaning of your floor, then you might require a 2HP floor buffer. Otherwise, 1HP would be enough. You must keep the floor size and the material of your floor before purchasing it. Again, it is easily understandable that the floor traffic in the office is much higher, hence it requires a heavy-duty machine.

Common Mistakes

Floor buffers are available in the market with different pad sizes from 13 to 20 inches. This affects the time of cleaning to a great extent. So if you are not considering the fact that you do not have enough time for floor cleaning then you have mistaken.

Best 3 products

Let us check out some outstanding floor buffers.

  1. Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy Floor Machine: This is an ideal selection for the cleaning of hospital floors. Has been designed for high-speed cleaning.


  • Does not make any sound and can be safely operated. This is very effective for the large floors.


  • Electric consumption is quite high and the only 120V is supported.
  1. Koblenz RM-1715: This is an ideal scrubber for the floors. This device can be effortlessly used for durable floors.


  • Wide area cleaning can be made quickly and it is really a good selection for industrial purpose.


  • Not an ideal recommendation for domestic purpose.
  1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Floor Machine: Really the most versatile of all floor buffers and can be applied on any floor including hardwood flooring.


  • Comparatively low price and consume low electricity. This can be easily operated by anyone.


  • The only 120V is supported and you have to purchase the brushes separately.

You are now ready to get the best possible floor buffer to clean the floors of your house.