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Things that you must check while test driving your used car

Buying a new car is totally different from a used car. When we buy a new car we generally concentrate on the brakes, acceleration, steers, perks, corners and rides. But while checking a used car we focus on minute things like if the car is making some extra noises, or whether it is vibrating, or if it has any dents or scratches because we don’t want our money to get wasted and when it is about buying a second hand things we become more cautious. So there are many things that need to be checked before finalizing any used car but at first we need a mechanic who can look into the internal issues of the car.

Test driving is the best way of finding out whether the car is worth your money and time. While test driving the car, see how well it is functioning and then select the one. These are some few points that you need to keep in mind while test driving a used car.

Points to note down while test driving

  • While test driving try to keep the speed at 60 miles per hour so that at a high speed you can check if the car has any internal problem like vibration or if the front end is shaking. If you drive at a low speed then the issues related to front end won’t be detectable.

  • A faulty car will show vibration in its steering wheel.

  • During acceleration look for the traces of odd noises.

  • See whether the transmission is smooth or not.

  • Take a speed near to 20 miles per hour and leave the steering wheel to see if it is pulling itself to a particular direction or not.

If all the above conditions are okay then you can easily select the car without any second thoughts. Do check for used car buy Bangalore for getting the best deals on used cars.