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Things you didn’t know about Jeeps

Jeeps are some of the coolest looking cars currently in the market, and it is always fun to drive them due to their amazing capabilities. Notably, most jeeps can maneuver through the world’s harshest terrains with amazing ease which makes them the best off-road vehicles. You can get an Indianapolis jeep at a considerate price and you are guaranteed of maximum benefits. Below are things that you should know about jeeps.

  1. The Original jeep was designed in two days
    When the United States decided to join World War II, the government found the need to replace the small three seat, and lightweight vehicle models with a four-wheel drive car. The renowned designer, Karl Probst started working on the jeeps design on 17th July 1940 and completed two days later.

  2. The Jeep concept was further developed by Willys, Ford, and Bantam
    Bantam company didn’t have the capabilities of producing the sheer quantity which was needed to fight off the Nazis which is why the government brought in Willys and Ford Company. These companies also brought along some innovations to the original blueprint.

  3. The front part of this Legendary was designed by Ford
    With war looming, Willy found the need to adopt several components from other companies to enhance both quality and ease of production. For this reason, they went along with Ford’s front design.

  4. The origin of the word Jeep is not known
    It is commonly thought that the word jeep is a truncation of GP, but it is most likely wrong. Some alternate theories suggest that it was a lingo which stood for all military prototypes, but these are just beliefs. 

  5. There is an Interesting theory that Jeep is named after a Cartoon character
    There is a little cartoon guy by the name Eugene the Jeep who is a character in Popeye which started airing a few years before the production of Bantam 4×4.

  6. In the first public of 4×4, it was driven up the steps of U.S. Capitol
    When driving it up the stairs, the driver was asked what it was and simply replied that it was a jeep. The trademark application was filed by Willys-Overland two years later.

  7. The forerunner to the modern SUV was Willys Station Wagon
    The intention of Willys was to sell its vehicles as utilitarian farm vehicles. As such, their station wagons hit the market as soon as the war ended.

  8. The Wagoneer replaced the station wagon
    The station wagon needed to be replaced; the most suitable option was the Wagoneer which had modern conveniences such as power steering and automatic transmission. These features ensured that the previously long and tedious routes were converted into luxurious rides. 

Evidently, there are many amazing facts regarding the history and origin of the jeep which every Indianapolis jeep lover should know.