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Why choose a Portable Floor Scrubber?

Can battery powered scrubbers supersede the corded plugin scrubbers? Some argue that power cords limit the area to be cleaned as well as presenting a tripping hazard. On the other hand, others argue that frequent recharging of batteries can reduce productivity.

But, in the last few years, there has been a rapid progress in battery power. This has greatly reduced the limitations that were previously associated with it such as shorter work period, frequent recharging and environmental concerns.

Similarly, the corded machines have greatly evolved to be more powerful, safe and quieter. They are also available in various sizes to suit different types and sizes of cleaning areas, to make them more accessible.

Below are some benefits of portable floor scrubbers that make them outstanding and a more superior option.

Battery powered scrubbers have no cables and do not require grid connection. They are easier to maneuver to clean anywhere you want with no need for unplugging and re-plugging. The plug-in machines are less efficient when cleaning more angles and corners.  This is largely due to the limiting factors such as the length of the cable which might require regular unplugging to change power sockets.

Environmental friendly
Cordless scrubbers are quieter in operation and do not emit hazardous toxic fumes. This makes them more appropriate to use in public sectors such as the food industry, hospitals, and schools, in adherence to health, safety, and environmental regulations.

They are lighter in weight
 The introduction of lithium-ion batteries has aided in decreasing the weight of battery-powered machines. This is due to their smaller sizes, unlike the old-fashioned ones. This makes them easier to maneuver to clean hard to reach places. Also, these batteries have a longer lifetime compared to lead-acid batteries and do not require any maintenance.

They are cost effective
The cordless machines give the operators more mobility to finish their work helping to save time and cost. Also, the flexibility of the machines allows the cleaners to work anytime, anywhere, increasing the productivity and profitability.

Corded machines may not be safe to use in an area where there is constant public access due to the risk associated with trailing cables.  This makes the battery-powered machines a more practical and safe option for use in public facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, transport terminals and retail outlets, as they pose no hazard.

The increased efficiency and productivity of a battery-powered portable floor scrubber has increased their popularity. Conversely, main-powered machines may decline in demand due to the related increase in electricity costs. However, the plug-in machines will always have their place in the market.